Don’t confuse it with Mix or anything like that, even though they do sound the same. But this is how Mx is pronounced. What is Mx ? This a gender neutral title or in other words, an honorific that does not indicate any gender. So along with Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss etc., we also have Mx now. This was news to me. But looks like Royal Bank of Scotland has already started to use this in their forms.

There a couple more according to this Wikipedia article on Gender Neutral Title. English sure has evolved a lot now, hasn’t. Instead of figuring out new titles, why don’t we just get rid of them?

2 thoughts on “Miks”

  1. Of more value would be a gender-neutral pronoun, to save he/she (or she/he), him/her (or her/him) and his/hers (or hers/his) while avoiding the use of the highly inaccurate plural they, them and their(s). I’d be happy with ‘it’, although, to many ears, ‘it’ carries disrespectful connotations.

    I quite agree that the use of titles and honorifics is more than somewhat dated; surely given name and family name is enough, except where the title is functionally related.

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