Monday Blues and Heat

How am I feeling today? Today being a Monday and the day already starting with some meetings (urgh!). I guess you already know.ย And add the heat to it….


It may not sound much… its just 29 right? Hasn’t touched 30 yet. But trust me, it feels like 34 already. Just last week it was around 24. Welcome to the tropical weather ๐Ÿ™‚ย At least this weather gives me some incentive to visit and work from office (for the air conditioning) but then the moment I step out of it, the heat hits me hard. And have you noticed that when it is really hot, how we try and make ourselves stand just below the fan in the elevators/lifts, sort of push everyone and make sure to secure a good position inside the elevator and during the cold season we try and step away from it and stand huddled in one corner? I was wondering how people sort of left the area around the fan inside the lift just last week and today everyone wants a piece of the cold air.

During the winter, I sort of forget how harsh the heat from the Sun in Summer (or even the beginning of it) can be. We do have Sun during winter too, but it was mild, dry but never harsh, pricking your skin and causing heat boils. Well, this is going to be a very hot summer from what I can already feel. Need to rearrange my wardrobe and pack away all the jumpers and sweatshirts. And guess what, just across the country, in the North, its so cold and foggy that flights are being cancelled. Nature indeed is a very mysterious thing isn’t.

11 thoughts on “Monday Blues and Heat”

      1. Ha! Don’t think so – but let’s remember this post later this year when u are cold and we are enduring the heat! Side note is that when we lived in Northern California in 2002 it felt like so many places did. Or have AC! I was younger at the time – a mom with little kids – but realized how much a I needed and wanted AC! And both places we lived were not “cheap” but I guess it was not common place to have AC everywhere – anyhow – smiling at the image of everyone finding refuge in the elevator – lol

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        1. I am in the tropics, so I know that my place can never be as cold as yours. The min temperature we have had last year was around 15 at night and around 22 at day.
          A/C has become a common house hold item now. I am yet to get one ๐Ÿ™‚

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