Come come Barbie

Last weekend I had been to my niece’s birthday. She is turning 6 and I wanted to be there for that milestone 🙂

And for some reason, that I cannot fathom, she wanted a Barbie doll cake (just like her sister’s last year) (groans). So she got herself a huge Barbie doll cake. I should say it looked very good and tasted amazing too. Inside it was Butterscotch, but outer layer was all cream (and too sugary)

She also got a variety of gifts and mine was obviously related to learning sentences 😉 The one with Moghli (from Jungle Book) is a carom board on one side and various snake and ladder games on the other. It was too cool. After the cake cutting we all sat down for a game of carom (while the birthday girl rummaged her Barbie gift pack) and then joined us for some snake and ladder games.

I don’t know what she wished for, but I wished that she overcomes her crazy Barbie admiration by next year. I wonder how and from where she got the love for all things Barbie!

7 thoughts on “Come come Barbie”

  1. Did u know that Barbie just made a new line (last year) to be more diverse – nice step in a good direction – your sentence game is truly a great gift! She will thank u later – ha! And the cake – work of art – I kept looking at the dress design


    1. I didn’t know about the new diversified Barbie 🙂 If she comes to know, that would be on her list of things that I need to buy for her. Rather not tell her for now 😉

      I hope so too (reg the sentence game)!

      The dress pattern is so amazing right…so intricate.

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      1. Well Oprah had the dolls on her list of favorite things of last year and while I still wrestle with the whole Barbie message – I am glad for the diversity – and I also think with good in out we can educate the children as they grow and so it sounds very smart and flexible to let her choose this theme 🎂🎂🎂

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