Heart and Fear

I am not good with the physiology of the human beings except for the very important overall understanding (was never interested in Biology ever) but then we know that one of the very important action of the heart beat involves contraction. Let us park that statement there and come back to it later.

Today while driving to my gym in the morning (which is not a pleasant experience because a) it’s a weekend and b) it’s quite early in the morning and c) I don’t want to miss a class for which I have paid for and last but not the least, d) I do enjoy it, once I make it there…Getting there is the only problem) I realized that I did not have a clue as to how I actually made it. I was in a trance when I drove (thankfully only a two wheeler and there wasn’t too much traffic either) But nonetheless, it wasn’t a good thing. I made a mental note to not repeat this again. And at the same time, it reminded me of another incident that happened yesterday. I was driving back from office through a small narrow road, which is always filled with people and cows. I can’t go beyond 30 kmph but that speed also can be dangerous depending on the situation. I have gone beyond the point where any last minute driving debacles (more so of others and less of mine 😉 …honest!) can cause me fear. I did manage once to not panic when a huge stone came hurtling towards my car (during a girls day out) and I managed to swerve and duck out of it (that might seem a little bit dramatic..but that’s exactly what happened). But then yesterday, while driving at this very slow speed, there was a woman with a child who managed to cross the road until she was half way through. So I decided to continue. But then at the last minute, she saw a van coming from the nearby side road and she did an abrupt turn without checking if there are vehicles coming or not. I really panicked to such an extent that I had this sharp pain in my chest, the one you get when you feel acute fear (or cardiac arrest, I think, but I wouldn’t know about that, so let’s go with acute fear for now) and I was too close to breaking and with the kid in her arms I wasn’t sure what to do. Thank God she made the decision to not jump around and stay put so that the vehicles went around her and she was safe. I was so peeved that I wanted to stop and shake some sense into that woman. She had to cross the road, and here without any pedestrian crossing facilities, the only way is to see if the vehicles are further away and just cross. I agree. But with the kid, you have to make that split second decision and not stand in the middle of the road and wonder if one should go further or go back.

Without going into further details of what I thought about that incident, I realized that the sharp pain was due to the heart’s contractions that come out of my fear. With the varying levels of fear, the contractions also vary and hence the levels of pain. During the stone hurling episode, my heart beat did go high, because I was trying to overcome the fear but there wasn’t any such pain, but in this incident, I wasn’t sure what to do and I did get very emotional because it was quite beyond my reach to overcome the situation if that woman had turned and ran back when I was too close to her and that inability caused me pain. Whatever it was, it did throw me for a loop, because it has been quite a while since I experienced it.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “contraction.” Make the first word of your post a contraction. For extra points make the last word one too. Have fun!

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11 thoughts on “Heart and Fear

  1. I can identify with that feeling, KG. I know the traffic in India is unbelievable. The traffic here (Canada) isn’t much better. It isn’t any fun driving when there are so many obstacles and the consequences are so dire if you hit someone.

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  2. Well I am glad you made it tot he gym- and in a recent post of mine I almost talked about the HUGE time commitment it takes to go to gym regularly! I took a break for about ten days and was like “whoa” to the free time! But my hubs and I go right now because (as you know) it is an investment in our health! And I know you drove in Saturday morning for this very reason! Anyhow – I also find there are other layers to the “going to the gym” like sometimes the social part – not always in the mood for it – and then the time and whatnot!
    Anyhow – the real reason I wanted to leave a comment was because I am shocked at how much I learned about heart health and the connection to digestive system cleansing – because a few different cleanses actually free up the immune system and then allows the heart to have less drain so it can benefit from your workouts more. Some people even have “pathogens” in their heart and the cleanses help that too (serious about that – ) and then one other thing that came to mind with your nice SOC today was I thought of adrenal health! The adrenal system is also benefitted when u cleanse and help the body detox – the fight or flight we experience is felt in the heart – but it actually goes thru our adrenals and has to do with hormones and things all interconnected – and so much is beyond the scope of my expertise – but I know from personal experiences and from some health groups I am part of – the different systems in the body get stronger when we cleanse to help absorb nutrients better and did some of what has accumulated – it all comes down to a health bioterrain!

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    1. Thank you for that wonderful and very informative comment 🙂

      Yes, they are all interrelated in one way or the other isn’t. I also agree with the social part. Some of my close friends (not too many but just a few) are my gym buddies too.


  3. I once read a news report of a doctor who was driving when he suffered an actual cardiac arrest and collapsed at the wheel of his car. The car ran into a tree and the airbag was deployed from the centre of the steering wheel, the plastic cover striking the unconscious doctor in the chest, restarting his heart.

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