A-Z Book List: F for Four

How many times have we felt that if only we were able to take the matters into our own hands and deal with the justice on our own rather than feeling helpless? How many times have we cheered for those who have delivered that justice, even though they were anonymous? (Let us not get into the discussion about whose point of view is it deemed justice…that is a big debate, which I am not particularly very much inclined to get into now…too lazy, ya know) Today’s book deals with people like them.

Name: The Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Detective, Fiction

A rather small book and very quick read. I bought the paperback because it was at a very cheap price and I liked the blurb. I didn’t know that there was a TV series about them. I didn’t know that in fact there were others after this book even. I might have to start on them sooner and complete the series. I hate it when I leave a series unfinished. I did like the book. I gave three stars on Good reads, which is my average points in general. Unless I find a book mesmerizing or totally awesome, I never go beyond 3 points. Rather cynical of me, but well…that’s me. Its not often that we come across books that deals with the different morality issues that the protagonists face. Most of the current ones are either black or white. There are no grey elements to them. Even for a small book, it did rather pack a punch, this one. The story of the author and this book is also quite interesting.

Some of the old classics have been made free as part of Project Gutenberg. So if in case you fancy going through this book and its successors you can find them here. Scroll down for Wallace in that link. I did enjoy reading this book and am glad that I have at least one of them as paperback.


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