A-Z Book List: I for I

I got this book because it was on sale. Sort of one plus one kind of thing when I bought Chetan Bagat’s ‘2 states‘. One of the few Indian fictions that I have with me in paperback.

Name: I too had a love story by Ravinder Singh

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance

It is a love story, a very small and quick read actually, but did leave a big impact on me when I read it. Because (and I am giving away a spoiler here) it is ends on a sad note. I felt like crying for this guy. And if I am not wrong, it was based on a real life story, so that makes it even more sad for me. This was the author’s first debut novel and I liked it for its simplicity. I haven’t read it’s sequel (I think there was one) yet. I remember finishing it in two hours and that is all it takes for the book. And since the previous one 2 states was full of gaiety and fun, this one put me in a melancholic state that I had to go and watch some silly movie to get me out of the funk 🙂 Not many books have that impact on me. I gave it *** stars in Goodreads.


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4 thoughts on “A-Z Book List: I for I”

  1. Sounds like an amazing book. I love it when books give you such a powerful emotion. for me it will always be the boy in the striped pyjamas or the green mile. 😃😃 Awesome review

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