Why Feminism Is Good For Men

A thought provoking post. Coincidentally I get to reblog it on Women’s Day.

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Hello dear reader(s)!

“Man up!”  “You hit like a girl!”  “Don’t be a little bitch!”  “You’re a pussy!”  

Put 3 year old kids in a room together.  Chances are there will be a lot of crying, a lot of laughing, a lot of playing, a lot of running, a lot of fighting, a lot of hugging.  Take away the gender specific outfits and haircuts and try to tell the difference between the boys and the girls.  I bet you can’t.

Women aren’t the only ones hurt by the devaluation of traits incorrectly labeled and deemed “feminine”.  The refusal for people of a certain gender as sharing some of these human traits strips men of their humanity.

Men, when was the first time you were told that crying was a sign of weakness?  When was the first time someone told you to “man up?”

Beyond what this says to women…

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