Women’s day win šŸ˜‰


At my office,  the women’s day celebrations happen every year.  I used to attend it mainly for the free snacks. Trust me,  the speech and the talks were always very boring and it would put me to sleep immediately.  But this year I really enjoyed it.  They had some games,  quizzes, impromptu catwalk etc.  And I won that crystal candle when I correctly identified a celebrity from a distorted photo. It went on for an hour and a half and almost by the end of it,  we all were quite hungry (it was our usual tea time).  Thank God, they had some snacks ready for us.  But overall it was a good one and the effort was commendable. 



  1. lindamartinandersen · March 9, 2016

    Lovely candle. I’m glad it was a great event this time around. I hope you wrote up a positive evaluation.

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    • KG · March 9, 2016

      Thanks Linda šŸ™‚ We sure did.


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