šŸ˜† I have yet to learn the art of selfie. Got to perfect my selfie pose and make sure not to click it while saying twoooo. How good are you with your selfie?



  1. Keith Channing · April 4, 2016

    I’m hopeless. I hate seeing my photograph; I always think I look totally gormless!

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

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    • KG · April 4, 2016

      he he šŸ™‚ I wonder how it comes so naturally to a lot of people.

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  2. Lignum Draco · April 4, 2016

    You tricked me with this title!!!

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  3. dvaal · April 4, 2016

    Horrible -but my daughter is a selfie queen. We had to end that -it was becoming an obsession.

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    • KG · April 4, 2016

      šŸ™‚ Younger generation are born with that talent aren’t they.

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  4. jacquelineobyikocha · April 4, 2016

    Well that was fun to watch I must say.

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  5. Alexandra · April 4, 2016

    I thought it is your selfie in the post šŸ˜€
    it’s a funny video lol šŸ˜€ my phone does not have a selfie mode, but prolly if it had I’d take selfies all the time lol ..

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    • KG · April 4, 2016

      He he. I did not think of that when I posted the title šŸ˜‰
      I really appreciate the art of that. It’s not easy as it looks. Have tried and tried and failed.


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