Champion Pistah Cricket(er) – Be ready to dance

If you are a follower of IPL (Indian Premier League) matches then you would know that for this year the official promo song is ‘Pistah’. No no…not the eating pista. This pistah (…see the extra ‘h’ at the end? That makes all the difference) refers to someone who thinks of themselves as a big shot (It’s a slang term from Chennai). Here is the official video of IPL 2016.

The original video of this song, shot for the Tamil and Malayalam movie ‘Neram’ (meaning Time), is one of my favorites because every time I hear it it makes me want to dance. The proper local kuthu dance that the South India is famous for. You should also try it sometimes. You can check out this video for some cool kuthu steps 😀

I am not sure how many of you actually saw Dwayne Bravo’s Champion dance after they won the recent World T20 Cup. It was amazing and fun to watch. If you have missed it by any chance, here it is. It feels so nice to see them enjoying after the win with their own song.

This is Dwayne Bravo’s song. Do you know that he writes music and has some music videos to his credit too? He is super cool, I say. Here is the original version of it. Now, after watching it, you should try and do that ‘Champion’ step without fail.

Now, let’s go…

Champion we are real Champion
don’t vex if your name not call
We have to leave time to bat some ball
We love Soca and Dancehall
We love cricket and Football
From ah dancing , ah my name your call
Champion, Champion

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