Driven by emotion

  1. To the guy, who was driving before me very slowly and so far away from the car before him that people stopped for a second to see who it was in the car before they overtook him and to my amusement this guy opened his visor to check in the mirror there if he had something on his face and was trying to settle his hair, dude! it isn’t your face that needs fixing.
  2. I am really very happy that my olfactory senses are shot and I can’t pick up odors most of the times. Especially when you end up being in a lift full of people and they have just come from the sweltering heat outside and are all sweaty.
  3. Coming back to driving, I was tempted to bump into the guy before me (not the same as the guy in the first point, this was a little later) so that my bumper will get attached to his tail gate and I can drive both our cars forward because this guy wasn’t going anywhere even though the road before him was quite empty. It might be that he was just learning to drive, then he should have the L sticker his car, to let the rest know so that we can find ways to overtake him (not that I had an option in this case, but I would not have cursed him to hell) and if he was just taking his time driving, knowing pretty well how to drive, then he is an a$$hole and deserved every one of my curse.
  4. When I heard that my dad’s moped got stolen yesterday, it brought back memories of my first cycle which was also stolen. It wasn’t just stolen, it was removed part by part and they left the unwanted parts strewn around in the backyard (our rental house had a huge backyard and I used to lock my bicycle there). One of those times when I thought my anger would have burned a hole through someone, especially the culprit. That was such a hard earned bicycle (won it after a bet with my dad) and he didn’t even have the courtesy to take it as is. He mutilated it. I hope the thief is rotting in hell.
  5. I think I am in a killer mood today 😯

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