A promise

This photograph is something I took some time back and had it in my drafts but never found the heart to post it. My nephew with whom I share a very unique and close relationship (he is my Godson) was born with only three fingers and an additional growth which had to be operated within a year of his birth and also the existing three fingers had to be spaced to help him use his hand well. In spite of only three fingers his hold and grip is strong. He wont be able to hold on to heavy objects the way he could with his other hand, but that doesn’t diminish the strength.
One day, during my previous visit, he and my 2nd niece were playing and she punched him during one their fights. He felt a little down that his punch wouldn’t be even half as strong as her’s with his left hand. I even spotted a few tears which he was too proud to shed. My brother and I took him and taught him a few tricks to make sure he uses his full strength and made sure to make him realize that having a few less fingers should not be cause of concern as long as his spirit is strong. He tried a few times and let out a cry of joy when he landed a good punch using my brother’s hand as his target. I definitely had tears in my eyes.

I hope in future he gets enough emotional and spritiual strength to compensate for those two fingers and dear Godson, I promise to help in any and all ways possible.


22 thoughts on “A promise”

    1. Yes. He will definitely be facing them. It already started in his kindergarten class. But we are glad he is starting to accept it slowly, one day at a time.
      Thank you for the kind words 🙂

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  1. wonderful photo. If it fits, please tell him his courage has inspired me. I am so self-conscious about a lost finger tip myself and thought it would ruin my abilities but his story is great. I will remember him the next time I fuss at myself over just a small part of only one finger gone! Thanks


    1. I am sorry to hear about the finger tip. A loss is a loss no matter the size. But I am glad that his story helped you even if a little bit. Thank you for letting me know and I will definitely pass it on to him.

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