This girl could be me

Except that, I definitely know who Tilda is and I would never make my boyfriend watch Hunger Games if he is not interested. I am not a big fan of that series (Hunger games, I mean), but it wasn’t too bad either. I definitely don’t know much about superheroes and Marvel keeps churning one after another which becomes so difficult for me to keep up. I am just going to take it one movie at a time, depending on how much I like the actors in it and then get the backstory from my friends who are a HUGE fan of that series. I had no idea until the trailers started coming out about Doctor Strange, but will definitely be watching this movie 🙂

5 thoughts on “This girl could be me”

  1. Doctor Strange is kind of the focus of all the magical-oriented major storylines in the Marvel Universe. Marvel has done a good job kind of staging out how they’re introducing their crazier elements. They started with with Iron Man, who is all just engineering, added in their random Norse god stuff as a kind of alien set up, then lots of alien stuff with Guardians of the Galaxy, and now something more magical with Doctor Strange.

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      1. You should be okay. Since this is introducing Doctor Strange, it’ll be suitable for someone not necessarily up to date on all the Marvel superheroics. And it’s got Benedict Cumberbatch and *Tilda Swinton*!!!

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