Vacation – what’s your definition?

For my nieces and nephew, it means

  • eating as much junk food (courtesy: their adorable aunt … (coughs) that is me, of course)
  • Playing the Wii games almost the whole day
  • Going to a park or a mall in the evening (compulsory…) and the parks and malls should be different each day
  • sleep in late and wake up whenever they want
  • no reading or writing
  • never telling rhymes or stories, except for the ones that appear on the TV
  • buy and play with as many toys as possible and not bother to keep them in their own place
  • fight with each other and increase the blood pressure of their respective parents 😉 (with some help from their aunt)

For me,

  • No work
  • Waking up early to enjoy the nature (I tend to sleep in during work days 😉 , don’t question the reason behind these)
  • Eating pastries and snacks and putting on a little bit of weight
  • taking as many photographs as possible
  • Walking around places and just enjoying life
  • No phone (I tend to not use my phone during my vacation time except maybe to take photographs)
  • People watching
  • Watching sunrise and sunset whenever and wherever possible

What is yours?


7 thoughts on “Vacation – what’s your definition?”

  1. For the past 12 years vacation was a few weeks away from work to be with my long distance fella/fiance/husband, either traveling to where he was or for him to visit me. We’d usually plan either a few days away somewhere or do day trips. I take lots of photos. We eat out a lot. We sleep in, have “slob” days watching tv, reading and messing around on the computers, we visit friends and family, we go to a movie or two.

    Now he lives here. I don’t know what vacations are going to be like though we will still plan trips and day trips but the trip will probably be a once a year rather than twice. When we go on trips, they aren’t relaxing. We walk, and sightsee, go to museums and galleries, castles, manor houses, shop, drive, historic sites, have a picnic. When we stay home, we’ll still have “slob” days. We’ll visit friends and family, see movies.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 Sometimes I do feel that during the vacation time I am more busier than the normal days. Slob days are always welcome isnt 😉


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