Those Quirky Ones

While doing the short city tour of Cork in our car, because it was raining outside and we had a flight to catch and had only an hour to ourselves to tour the city, I found some cute and quirky shop names. Here are the ones I ended up capturing on my phone.


The Poor Relation Grocery & Pub


The Funky Skunk

There were one in Bandon (in the County of Cork) called ‘The Found Out Cafe’ which I thought was quite funny but didn’t get a picture of the same.


Boy! This says it all about Cork 😉



  1. swo8 · May 30, 2016

    They are a real bunch of characters, aren’t they. I love their sense of humour.

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  2. jowensauthor · May 31, 2016

    On my trip to Ireland, the group I was with ate at a restaurant in Kinsale called Crackpots. Not only was it a restaurant but they also sold pottery.

    Liked by 1 person

    • KG · May 31, 2016

      That is brilliant 🙂 Thank you for sharing, Jeanne.

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