Books and a Series

I recently finished the two book regency romantic comedy series called The Fairweather Sisters.  The first book kept me company through out my 8+ hours flight journey. I did not bother to use the in-flight entertainment at all. I read and slept and read and slept through the journey. The only problem was sometimes I had to laugh out because of the antics of these heroines I was finding a hard time controlling it. Its  been a long time since I read a regency romance comedy which made me chuckle. Some of the plot lines were very ridiculous, but that was why I liked them. They were mad, these sisters. And they were fun. The romance was very cute. It had everything, surly Dukes, funny Earls, pet Goats, loony Pirates, beautiful and crazy country heroines, bad Poets, mustache loving grandpa’s, beautiful Spies…you name it.

I finished the second one today and I gave both these books 4 stars. I was glad that both were available to me on Kindle Unlimited.

Talking about series, its been a while since I did any photography based series. I did a A-Z Book title series in March I think, just before the A-Z challenge of April. During my trip last month, I got to do a lot of photographs of street art and graffiti. I don’t exactly know the difference between the two, but I did capture a lot of them which I liked and loved. Some are funny, some intriguing, some convey message. All in all, they were very interesting. I am going to name it the “Wall & Art” series (not very original but that is all I have got, if you have any nice suggestions let me know and if I like any I will definitely use it, with your permission). Watch out for those amazing arts from tomorrow.

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