Tuesday Tunes

Loved the video and the song! Makes me wanna dance everytime I hear it.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. I like the song (beat and voice)- however – and this is not getting too serious about a pop song – but the first half I listened to made me wonder if this was cheating – like “our little secret” part and maybe not –
    But that cheating kind of stuff pisses me off -‘I can let it go – but recently heard some kids sing the “pina colada” song and in that song both folks are cheating – argh!
    Anyhow – happy Tuesday tunes –

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    1. He he! I guess the pop songs are mostly about infidelity or sex or drugs or love in form or the other. I have heard the Pina Colada song and only recently someone explained it to me about it. And I always thought the tunes to such songs are always very catchy and hence they sell well. As long as people just sing it and leave it at that.

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      1. I fully agree that we can jam and enjoy the musical part – but it does crack me up to see how so many of us “miss” the cheating in the pina colada song – and we sing “oh it’s you” – ha
        Anyhow – in the video here I liked the different singers – saw some stars in there !!!

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