Wall & Art – 11


The Owl that calls upon the Night
Speaks the Unbeliever’s fright.
– William Blake

I had some difficulty taking this one, because it was at the top of a building with the sign of a road. But I guess I did manage it well to be able to process it a little bit and here is the result. If you are living near Jamestown road or you are a person who goes around that area (NW1 of London), you know where to look at now 😉 I am not sure how long the Owl will be there though. Or may be they did finish those other owl’s whose skeleton image you can see in this photograph.

7 thoughts on “Wall & Art – 11”

      1. oh my goodness did I miss the skeleton in the middle – I skimmed what you wrote – but missed that – and now it feels kinda creepy – yikes – but without that I did like the two owls and hint of color graffiti to the right – in the reader it made me think “street art well done” because here in our town some of it is grand – but not so good….

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