Friendship is essentially a partnership.” – Aristotle

I got this wall sticker delivered today and was so happy to paste it in my dining area. Aren’t they cute ❤



  1. CarissaMarie · June 24, 2016

    It is cute! And the saying is so true! I believe every relationship is just that. It takes two to keep things going. I like Aristotle, very thought provoking. 🙂

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    • KG · June 24, 2016

      Very true! It always takes two for any relationship. Thank you for checking out my post 🙂

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  3. dunelight · June 27, 2016

    What an enchanting silouhette!

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  4. Yousuf Bawany · June 27

    How adorable! 🙂

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  5. Nikhil S. Sivakumar · June 29

    This is so pretty, good thought with wall dical. :”)


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