I had earlier thought of finishing the series and then writing this post. But when I saw Don’s post, I thought why not write about the book I did start. So here I am. Since his book was available on Kindle Unlimited, which is a huge plus for me because I already pay a good amount (if you convert it to Indian Rupees) for my subscription and it would be great to actually be able to read books through that subscription rather than pay extra $$, and also that the books belong to my favorite genre of mystery, thriller and detective series, I wanted to give it a try. Got the first one, Frankly Speaking, a couple of weeks back but couldn’t start it until the day before yesterday (had some in the queue to complete). I completed it and have already got the second one, Let me be Frank, in my reading queue from Kindle Unlimited, of course.

I enjoyed the first one. It was not too long and not too short. It was crisp and surprising. Especially when I thought I had figured the culprit(s) and then they turned out to be OK, but then was glad to know that at least one of them turned out to be the culprit. But the reasons were unexpected. I think I like Jonesy a teeny tiny bit more than Frank 🙂 It was quite fast paced and the cliff hanger…I didn’t expect that. It was a good read. I will let you all know more once I finish off the series. Now, back to my books for the weekend.

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