My house(s)

I had registered with Pottermore a couple of years back. But I forgot my password to login. When I tried to use the ‘Forgot the password’ option, they informed that I wont be able to retrieve it since the site had changed after I had registered. Of course it has. But thankfully when I reregistered it I was able to use my username and associate my house to my account. And I also figured out my Ilvermorny House and more about my wand too. Here is what Pottermore told me about my houses and my wand. Which house(s) do you belong to?


15 thoughts on “My house(s)”

  1. I had to reregister too when they redid the site. I think the first time around, I was Hufflepuff. After reregistering with the new site, I ended up sorted into Gryffindor, and I got Horned Serpent for Ilvermony. My wand is 10″ Hawthorn with Unicorn hair and slightly springy in flexibility.

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