I would let go of this dream, for sure.

It has been a very crazy day. Too many things to do and too little time. And getting up after a very crazy dream, I guess it might tend to do you in.

I don’t believe in aliens or zombies. So it was so confusing for me when I woke up the first time at 5.30 am it was because I was dreaming of aliens and I could realize myself thinking (in my dream), ‘what the hell, I don’t even believe in them. so why am I dreaming of them’. Do you ever get that feeling ? It was so crazy. So I wake up, look around a bit and then promptly go back to sleep only to dream something about my mom 🙄 That might be because we were talking about her yesterday and I was confused as to what kind of gift to buy for her. It is always difficult choice when it concerns her. If she doesn’t like it, she would not hesitate to give me an earful for ‘wasting’ my money. And then I woke up at 7.30 am. My plans to get up early gone for a toss.

I do get dreams almost daily, but I never remember them. Only on odd days like today I remember a little bit of it especially when I wake up wondering what the hell I dreamt about. At least I stopped having dreams about animals. Now those were some weird dreams.

3 thoughts on “I would let go of this dream, for sure.”

  1. I have odd dreams all the time. I had one once that was like a zombie movie, but instead of running from zombies, everyone was running from killer rabbits. Also had one once about a shape-shifting capybara. And there was one where I was hiding from a dragon only I could see. And there was one once with a group of zombie Michael Jacksons. And I have a quite few involving movies, tv shows, and books. Like last night, I had yet another dream involving Harry Potter. And I had one the other day where I was going to a restaurant with my dad and brother, and when we get inside the restaurant turned out to be a karaoke place, which I found odd since neither my dad or brother are interested in karaoke.

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