What next?!?!

Another friend of mine recently joined Word Press and I am so glad to welcome her to this wonderful blogging Community. We used to do Zumba together but it’s been more than 6 months I have done any Zumba at all. Want to join us 😉 ?

Comments disabled here. Please visit her website.

Ms Mynt

What next?!?! This is a constant question in my head. Whether it be my daily routine, my next meal, my next holiday or simply the urge to learn more n more.

It’s easy to get caught in the rut of corporate life. Simple. You get up, look ur best, get to work, do ur best at work, get back n hit the bed. Day in and out. When it comes to the weekend, you want to catch up on lost sleep over the week or complete errands you have been procrastinating during the week or like me just laze around doing NOTHING! This was how it was for me for a long long time. I convinced myself that my life was packed(doing NOTHING of course) and always had an excuse to do nothing more.

Till one day, it hit me that am capable of so much more than whiling away…

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