Mugachino ???

I hardly understood half of the words that was there in this new article “Ranga, bogan and mugachino among new words added to Australian dictionary” except for budgie smugglers because I remember some Australian Actor (was it Chris Hemsworth or Margot Robbie ? ) mention it in one of their interviews. Mugachino is so ….I don’t know…

In the recent years, languages are changing so much and so many slang terms are being accepted in the dictionaries. Don’t know if it is good or bad.  But I know that it is going to be a lot difficult if there are too many slang terms added and if not everyone is aware of it. I already have so many problems with words while communicating with someone in English. Don’t need no more complicated slang terms to confuse every one now yo. At the least, we can get some good laugh out of those mix-up, as we always do. What do you think? Do you use any of these slang terms? What other slang terms you think are popular?



3 thoughts on “Mugachino ???”

  1. I feel self-conscious using new slang words (as one of the older generation), as I feel it’s a bit like watching your grandma disco-dancing, I do, however, enjoy the way language continually evolves. The one new word (not slang) that I hate, hate, hate, however, is ‘medalling’ for winning a medal. Whoever thought that one up deserves to be shot!

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