WPC: Frame

“That’s rule number one for a photographer, isn’t it? Fill your frame?”
― David Cronenberg




  1. petrus · August 26

    Nicely framed!

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  2. Allan G. Smorra · August 26

    Well done.

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  3. sustainabilitea · August 26

    I like it a lot!


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  4. MythRider · August 26

    Great shot. Here’s a place I’d like to stand and see what I can get.

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    • KG · August 26

      Thank you 🙂 I was glad to see it from that angle. It was interesting.

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  5. jimholroyd365 · August 27

    In this challenge, rule number one would be to find your frame and then fill it. Great shot.

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    • KG · August 27

      🙂 Thank you Jim. I tried my best in this one. It was an interesting view point from the tower bridge.

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  6. sonyavdg · August 27

    Stunning pov

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  7. Tina Schell · August 27

    Wonderful choice of perspective on this one, well done!


    • KG · September 2

      Thank you so much ! (sorry for the delay in my reply. The comment went into the Spam folder)


  8. streetbiter · August 30

    Love the Picture, and David Cronenberg, a real genius!


  9. Photography Journal Blog · September 1

    Nicely done, I like this a lot.

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