Waiting for a clue.

Ever since I got my Netflix Account, I have been having a blast, irrespective of the fact that work is pulling me down. I love watching mysteries. So I started with Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Season 1 & 2) and now I am onto The Bletchley Circle. When you are not able to solve a particular problem (mine … related to work) it is so satisfying when someone else solve a problem, especially related to a murder (much more important I should say) and be successful at it too.

Miss Fisher is sassy, jazzy and fun in her methods. I enjoyed watching each and every episode in that series. I think there are one or two more seasons. Have to get around to that sometime. The jazz songs were a bonus.

And The Bletchley Circle is getting interesting just now. They talk about pattern recognition, analysis of data etc etc…something that I can relate to at times. But I am glad that at least they are able to figure out something to work on. I am stuck on this work issue for the past couple of days. Urggh! I even went for an hour long walk to clear up my mind….Hope I see the light of this problem in a day.

11 thoughts on “Waiting for a clue.”

    1. It is sad that they didn’t have many episodes (The Bletchley Circle , I mean) I enjoyed watching them.
      I have to check the other two. 🙂


        1. he he he ! 🙂 I should confess that it is becoming a little bit addictive.
          I am more of a mystery / detective / thriller person. Not into horror / sci-fi (only exception was Stranger Things).


                1. And there are lots that are not released to the Indian audience. That is also another restriction I have seen. But let me know if you find some good mystery/thrillers/detective series.

                  Ping me the Scandinavian ones too. Let me check if they are available.


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