Color of Mistake

I kept one utensil for my tea and another one with water for my boiled egg and switched on the gas on both of them without even thinking, without realizing that I should add water for my tea in that utensil. And it was on high flame. After a couple of minutes, I woke up from my mental slumber and realized that i had no water in the utensil, so ran to it and switched it off . I gave myself a mental kick for burning another utensil down until I found this beautiful color and pattern. Then I wished I could have let it burn for a minute so that it would be fully done. Sometimes I get that physical itch when things aren’t too ordered (not to the level of becoming OC) and I really wanted those extra gaps filled and the center circle to be fully blue. Even though this does look good, as patterns go, that would have been awesome.


I am a multi-tasker. Whenever I can I try and do multiple tasks at a time. But today, when I wasn’t fully awake and already grudging the demo I have to do, mentally scolding my manager (he is an easy target..all.the.time) I shouldn’t have thought of making tea and boiling the egg at the same time. Well, what’s done is done. I have the reminder of my mistake and I will remember (when I am not admiring the colors) to put water in that utensil which is my go-to one for making tea. But I really really love that color.

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