Munnar – Part 3

I have been busy today with my Travel-related posts. Check out my Munnar related posts (along with some photographs) at my other blog.

Memoirs of my travels

The second trip to Munnar on Sept 16th was a totally unplanned one. We (my bf AGM and I) were planning to go to Valparai but since there was a Tamil Nadu bandh on that day we had to shift our focus to Munnar. We were in Coimbatore at that time so we decided to hire a taxi for our trip. I wanted to show him our mighty western ghats.
We started from Coimbatore at around 5.45 am. The route was through Udumalpet (which was the route we had used last time we went to Munnar but only on our way back) We decided to play it by the ear and based on when we reach the Munnar city we might do Top Station. But the only thing we had planned was the wild life trek in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary which is close to 3 hours from Coimbatore. We even…

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