I have had so many awkward moments in my life, but when I had sit and write one nothing comes to my mind. Or rather too many incidents are fighting over each other inside my head and not letting me pick one among them.

OK, let me go with a least awkward one which I am sure many of you would have encountered one time or the other during your shopping trips.
You would know by now, I am not big on shopping and I don’t have patience to try the clothes I buy and the one time I do I end up having a moment. So this one day I go to a mall to check on a ring and then since I had to meet another friend who was running late, I decided to go around the shops and see if something catches my eye. In one of the clothes shop, one yoga t-shirt looked good. So I pick up the L size and turn around to see if the trial rooms were available. I walk around trying to find one and since there weren’t any signs I go to the guy who was standing next to the women’s T-shirt section and, might I add, who had his ID tag on and asked him where the trial rooms were. He was on his phone typing something and he looked up and smiled sheepishly and said that he wasn’t an employee and looked very embarrassed. I did a mental face palm and said ‘Oops! Awkward! Sorry yaar!’ and then went to a side, laughed for a minute and bought the T-shirt without even trying it and I was done with my shopping for the day. The rest of the time I was just going in and looking at the merchandises in the other showrooms. One awkward moment a day was what the doctor prescribed me.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

‘Awkward’ is your prompt. You can write about feeling awkward like me right now or the awkward silences we often find ourselves in, like staring at a blank page only sometimes that blank page is a person’s face, or even trying to fill the awkward silence — just make it awkward. Do your best to out-awkward me. – From the guest host, Joey of Joeyfully Stated.



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5 thoughts on “Ooops”

  1. That wasn’t so bad, KG. My awkward moment was when I assumed my friend was pregnant. She had put on a little wait but she wasn’t pregnant. Oh dear, foot in the mouth.

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    1. Oh my, Leslie ☺ I did that to a colleague of mine. She left the company in a month 😲 I stopped congratulating people unless they explicitly tell me about their pregnancy.

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