Self Driving

This video by Tesla, titled “Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Teslas” is very cool.

I wonder, what would happen in cities like Bangalore, where it is almost always bumper to bumper traffic. How will these cars react? Will they get frustrated and after a while of bad traffic and dealing with people with almost zero common sense or should I say road sense, will these engines just change themselves into Transformers and start walking over people? or will they self destruct because of the pressure? What happens if any of these hardware malfunctions? or if someone hacks into these systems and corrupt them and instead of going forwards they start driving in reverse?

Thank God, its Friday already πŸ˜‰



  1. swo8 · October 29, 2016

    KG, if that is all the traffic they have there, what do they need a driverless car for? It would be a joy to drive there.

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