1 ($ or ₹)

I usually don’t get much about Politics and don’t write about it much either. But the U.S Elections has been very difficult to ignore. Apart from my worry about what it would mean for my gay Indian friends who moved there and are happily married now, it has been a source of constant entertainment through the daily shows for me. I am sorry about that. We, in India, go through these emotions (of feeling let down and deceived etc) pretty frequently. So we try and see the fun side of it as much as possible. At least I do. But one recent news made me laugh out loud.

Trump says will take 1 dollar as salary with no vacations

OK, dude…You are not as original in this as you think. We in India have done and dusted this thing in the past and we all know what that actually means.

Jayalalithaa earned Re 1 salary, but amassed Rs 66 crore: Karnataka” and this case is and was the hot topic and it is still going on.

I am not sure what these people think by making such statements and how do people actually believe these politicians when they say that is beyond my understanding. And something like that from a businessman is to be taken with the amount of salt found in the oceans of this world.


3 thoughts on “1 ($ or ₹)

  1. KG, Trump makes so much money that the $300 or $400 thousand of his salary as President wouldn’t cover his pocket money expenses. No doubt he’s going to make future deals from his position. (they all do that). But can he pull his country out of the dumpster? He was right about the Trade Deals. They only helped the multinational companies that took all the US jobs off shore.

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    1. Of course everyone uses their position to further their personal gains for sure. If only they don’t advertise these kind of salary gimmicks 🙂 And I hope that he does help the people and the country during his presidency.

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