(slán – Bye, in Irish)

That box over there is close to 20-25 kgs in weight and consists of books that I am donating. They just picked it up. I have retained very few of them which I couldn’t let go but gave away the rest. It has been so many years since I started buying them. Over the recent years, ever since I moved to e-books I haven’t bought as many as I did earlier. Since I am moving, there was no point in leaving them here and I had been thinking of donating the lot for some time now. It was a bittersweet moment when they came for pick-up but I am happy that someone will be able to read them. I did save the Harry Potter series for my nephew. I should initiate one of the kids into the wizarding world soon. I would definitely miss them all 😦

4 thoughts on “Slán”

  1. I had to do the same 3 years ago when I downsized and bookshelves, books, LPs, ancient magazines etc. all had to go. Fortunately, my local branch of Oxfam was able to send a van to collect them all and I watched them drive off smiling brightly and then went indoors and howled my eyes out at the departure of old friends. And no, I have never got used to the loss. I still want to look things up, or refer to something, or just hold a certain book in my hands – even if I hadn’t read it in years – and I can’t because the book in question belongs to someone else now.

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