The Circle which made me go on a tangent!

Who doesn’t like Emma Watson? And I am a fan of her work. So when I saw somewhere about this movie she is starring, I obviously wanted to see it.

This movie has Tom Hanks too… Yay!!! But he looks a little creepy in this trailer 😕 Since this is based on a novel and it looked like Science Fiction genre, I was wondering if I should pick this one up. But then within a few seconds, I changed my mind and let Wikipedia let me know about the story of the book. And boy, am I glad that I didn’t read this one. I know that I started off with The MoonBorn, but I am not in a hurry to devour all Sci-fi novels as of yet, especially one as scary as this one. If you aren’t going to read this book, you should definitely read the story in the Wikipedia. There is already so little privacy with everything being online, irrespective of what mask we wear. There are always bread crumbs. All we have to do is find one. If that by itself isn’t scary, check out the last line and I  quote  from the Wikipedia, “The book ends with Mae looking at Annie in the hospital, wondering when the time will come that people’s thoughts will be knowable as public information, saying that “the world deserves nothing less and will not wait”.” Imagine that happening. Bloody hell! 😯

A few months ago, there was a very serious discussion between me and my husband (then boyfriend) about how the technology should be able to understand what a human thinks and convert it to text. He said that it will so much easier to convert our thoughts which would vanish even before we realized what they were. He was of the opinion that it was the route of the current technology and it won’t be too long when we see an app for that. Because all of our thoughts can be converted to waves. I wasn’t so sure. I don’t want anything or anyone interpreting my thoughts or even reading them or sensing them. Also with the speed that my thoughts keep clashing with each other, it will be a huge jumbled mess that I would have to untangle. And also sometimes thoughts that are random are just that. Random. I understand that a thought could be a seed of something. But if it was the case, I would remember it well enough to convert it to a tangible thing myself. I think I am probably going on a tangent here. But sometimes these things scare me shitless. I love how the technology helps me shrink my world digitally so that I can talk to my folks and it would feel like I am calling them from the next city, even thought I might be on a different continent, that I can share my view of everything through my photographs to my friends and family, that I can work from anywhere and still get paid without having to commute through the terrible traffic every day. All those are good. I just don’t like it when it starts to predict something to me and makes me try to be too dependent on it. And worse, starts to understand what I am thinking… That is PERSONAL. I don’t want anyone else in my head.




  1. patricksponaugle · December 8, 2016

    It’s particularly scary, because many of our thoughts rise unbidden, right? We just… think these thoughts. I’d rather not everyone knowing what’s in my head, because it removes any appreciation of how I am more than just the noise in my head. We all know how annoying it is when someone takes words out of context. Imagine taking thoughts out of context.

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    • KG · December 8, 2016

      Exactly! Very well said, Patrick! They are sure to admit me in an asylum in a jiffy if they listen to my thoughts just for a few seconds.

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