Something very random

  • I did my first headstand pose and a full plow pose during my yoga class, with the teacher’s assistance of course. Felt so good about it. Should get rid of my apprehensions and start doing them.
  • Wanted to share this wonderful Bharatnatyam dance fusion I saw today.
  • Been watching episodes of “Lewis” They are very good. I am becoming a fan of Hathaway in fact. His voice is so like Benedict’s.
  • Got all the Christmas sweets ready. I did plan my gym membership well, you see 😉


  1. Anita · December 23, 2016

    Wow great yoga progress! (And lol at the sweets bit)

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    • KG · December 23, 2016

      👍 😀 Thank you, Anita. Am eagerly waiting for the Christmas Eve

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  2. swo8 · December 23, 2016

    I haven’t done a head stand for sometime now. Brava for you. I loved the dancing KG.
    I used to dance myself many years ago.

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    • KG · December 23, 2016

      That’s great, Leslie ☺ I admire dancers a lot. Was there a specific style that you followed?

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