some more rant on my name

Most of this week, I have been filling forms of one sort of the other and by today, Friday, I am officially tired of it. I don’t want to write my own name for a week in any paper. Grrrr!!! And if it is possible I don’t want to fill any forms, unless the ones I had filled does its purpose. I guess this is all part and parcel of moving to a new country and all…but I need a break! And when you have forms which have small space to write your name and that isn’t enough to fill your long name…another Grrrrr!!! moment. I think what my friend and his wife are doing is wise. They haven’t named their child (a boy) yet and he is already a couple of months short of his first birthday (auspicious times and all). By now he might as well name himself and that wouldn’t be a bad thing, even though I am not sure what name he would choose since he can hardly talk.



  1. silverneurotic · January 6, 2017

    What do they call him in the meantime?

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    • KG · January 6, 2017

      Baby.. Pappa(baby in Telugu)… 😁 I have been behind them to get the poor kid a name soon


  2. Ms Mynt · January 7, 2017

    Ha ha ha… I guess the lil one has already started babbling his own name!

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    • KG · January 7, 2017

      Let’s hope so, for his own sake πŸ˜‰


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