Let is snow!

I am sure, I will be the only one to tell this at this time and I know that lot of you will hate me for this (especially OM πŸ˜‰ ) but I am really so happy and exhilarated that it is currently snowing outside as I write this post. It hardly snows in this part of London and today is the second day. We had some sprinkles yesterday evening. I was thrilled but was sad that it was chased away by fleets of rain. But today I get to see the snow in all its beautiful glory. It won’t last long, me thinks. But for the time being, since this is the first time ever I am seeing this beautiful sight I am allowed to enjoy it. I am sure I will fret about it soon when my movements are restricted or I am shivering to my bones. But until then… Happy Snowing!


5 thoughts on “Let is snow!”

  1. I love the drama of snow, how it outlines the trees and softens and quiets the landscapes. I never liked driving in the ice or snow, though. I know it’s hard on those who do.

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    1. Yes πŸ™‚ I was there sitting inside my home, working, watching outside the window and enjoying it. I am sure people were having a hard time especially in the northern parts where it was pretty bad.

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