WPC: Ambience

I have always loved the ambience in Covent Garden Market in London. It is full of stalls, vibrant and funny people, unique installations etc etc.




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  2. silverneurotic · January 13

    One day I’ll make it to London

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    • KG · January 13

      Good luck! 🙂 It is an interesting place, for sure

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  3. sustainabilitea · January 13

    I was there some years ago and enjoyed it immensely, as well as the rest of London (what we saw of it.)


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    • KG · January 13

      It is a very nice and fun place to be, Janet 🙂


  4. shopgirlanonymous · January 13

    I’ve heard great things, will have to visit there soon!

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  5. calmkate · January 14

    Wow you brought back some very delightful memories … it’s been decades since I was there and loved every minute of it!

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