Puzzled Mystery 

Mr. M is a big fan of Jigsaw Puzzles. If you want to keep him engaged this is the best way to go. I used to do that to my nieces and nephew 😉 given that they are a big fan of it too, except for my nephew, because he would instruct you to do it and would keep an eye out for your mistakes. So during one of our shopping visit to Sainsbury’s we saw this Jigsaw puzzle which was interesting. You have a picture on the box. But that is not what you build from the puzzle pieces. You build the next sequence in the story. And it was for 5 pounds. Definitely a very good bargain. Since Mr. M was already working on a Jigsaw at that time, I promised that this will be his Easter gift (we bought that in February) and promptly hid the box.

So the day of the Easter he started working on it without any delay.

I am worried that he is gonna finish it in a week or two, even though he claims that so far he has just managed to get the base ready and the rest of it would be the difficult part. Let’s see how long this one lasts.

10 thoughts on “Puzzled Mystery ”

        1. Not at all…But he has his own way of organizing the pieces and following a pattern of his own, I leave him to his chaos 😉 and I go and enjoy my tea and kindle.


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