First solo long drive in India

After so many years of driving in India, this is the first time I did a solo long journey. Last Saturday I drove from Bangalore to Coimbatore on my own, non-stop for a total of 6 hours averaging at 70kmph.

I was a little apprehensive about it when I had planned it , because I haven’t done something like that before and I wasn’t sure how to handle any problems in my car, if that happens. But then I did not find an alternative option to leave my​ car with my sister, now that I ain’t using it anymore. 

I started at around 8.45 am after a couple of eggs as breakfast. I decided to stop somewhere if I felt hungry. But then I just kept driving on and on and when I felt hunger I was close to my home town. So decided to just get there and have my lunch. 

I have always enjoyed driving. But driving on my own with just me and my thoughts and my songs, and sometimes the lack of it,  it’s like a meditative process. I loved it. I had a good old playlist which has always helped me with my driving and I used it this time too. I thought that after a non stop drive like that I would be sore. Thankfully a couple of stretches helped me with my stiffness. Now that I have done that I am a little bit more confident about my  driving. And my good old car supported me like a champ that it is. 



  1. swo8 · May 8, 2017

    You’re a brave soul KG. I would be terrified to drive in India.( It’s bad enough here in Canada)

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    • KG · May 8, 2017

      Thank you, Leslie ☺. There was some fear in me but I guess that drove me to be safe while driving.

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      • swo8 · May 8, 2017

        There’s always the possibility of a break down while on the road.

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        • KG · May 8, 2017

          And the more I kept seeing, the more worried i was. But thankfully I managed to get through without a hitch.

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  2. Suyash Chopra · May 8, 2017

    One item checked off from your list. Good to know about it. It’s not easy driving in India. How was the road from Blore to Coimbatore? I hope the infrastructure wise it must be great if you are averaging 70kmph .

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    • KG · May 8, 2017

      Thanks, Suyash ☺ It has improved tremendously over the years. I could have done 80/90 easily but didn’t want to risk it when I am on my own. Lot of tolls but good roads.

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