the peculiar air of Oxford

“… —the air of liberty to care for the things of the mind assured and secured by machinery which is in itself a satisfaction to sense.”- Henry James, English Hours


Balliol College Dining Hall


Hertford College Bridge


Radcliffe Camera


Brasenose College



Ashmolean Museum

PS: Photographs from our recent one day trip to Oxford. Sadly we couldn’t cover as much as we had originally planned due to rain, but there is always a next time 😉 This place is definitely worth a visit again and in leisure.



  1. Lignum Draco · July 31

    Such a historic location. I have yet to visit there but would love to. You can almost breathe it in.

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  2. swo8 · July 31

    That was interesting KG. Now I can say I’ve been to Oxford. (chuckle)

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  3. Whisper · August 1

    I went to oxford in 2013 when I visited for the summer and fell in love with it. Really wanted to attend but I have neither the funds nor the wits to get into such an elite school. Maybe if I work really hard, one day.

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    • KG · August 1

      I am not sure how difficult or expensive it is to get a place there. But the system sounded unique and so different. Good luck 🍀 They also have online courses or distance education programs but I found them much costlier than the ones in London (and London us expensive)

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      • Whisper · August 1

        I live in the US so getting the funds to get over there and live as well as pay is something that is simply not doable for me, even though it would be probably the most amazing thing ever.

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        • KG · August 1

          Oh yeah. Fair enough. Good thing is that learning can be done at any age. So hopefully your wish will come true sometime. ☺

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