WPC: Elemental

For this week’s photography challenge, Elemental, here is a photograph of Cliffs of Moher and nature at its best element 😉



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  2. Bildhof · August 10

    Wow. Impressive. 🙂

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    • KG · August 10

      Thank you so much ☺. It is truly a very grand place.


  3. olivetreebythesea · August 10

    Yes, truly impressive!

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  4. swo8 · August 10


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  6. spiritofdragonflies · August 10

    Agree this is an amazing specimen of nature’s elements. The people at the top look like ants. Very nice photos!

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  7. jules · August 13

    Where is that? Looks amazing.


    • KG · August 14

      It is the Cliffs of Moher in the Republic of Ireland.

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