Unfurl me!!!

While I was reading Maggie’s post on the word prompt for the day ‘Unfurl‘, I found this fellow looking at me. When I look at him I always think that he calls me for help every day when that single jasmine vine gets tangled around his neck. Until now, I didn’t realize what that cry was. Now I think it must be ‘Unfurl Me!!!’. I remove it every single day but somehow that single branch finds its way back to his neck. I will help him shortly, but do you think his cry for help might be using the word ‘unfurl’?

10 thoughts on “Unfurl me!!!”

  1. And here you have me thinking “Is he having lunch or dinner?”.
    At least now I know when to use the word (I will most likely NEVER use it!). “I’ll just unfurl this thing over here and then I will help you”, yep – never gonna happen.

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    1. Thank you, Leslie 😉 Mr Giraffe is one of Mr M’s collections. After a rough start the jasmine finally is starting with the vines and Mr Giraffe was the closest one they could hold on to 😀

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