Someone cared!

London is one of those cities where you can wear anything and no one will even spare you a glance unless they are people watching. It is very liberating in that sense at least for me.

I do not own T-Shirts with words in them except for a few of them which I got just on a whim or when I felt a little cheeky. I don’t wear them often that is why they look new even after a couple of years 😉

The last thing I expected while walking down deep in conversation with Mr M past a bus shelter was for someone to take my arm and stop me. I was thrown in for a loop for a second and when I turned around I saw this lady sitting in the bus shelter looking at me and smiling. She winked at me and said ‘I love your T-Shirt’. I was like ‘what!?’ and then realized what T-Shirt I had worn and gave a laugh and thanked and threw a wink her way. Mr M rolled his eyes at this weird interaction. It took a while for us to recollect the discussion we were having before the incident.

Here is what my T-Shirt looks like, in case someone else cares 😉



12 thoughts on “Someone cared!”

  1. I actually want to be that person who stops people in the street and tell them I like their clothes or shoes, because I often do! And it’s a nice compliment to get and give.

    I used to wear t-shirts with prints and sometimes people got the point of them – other times, not at all…..

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    1. I can never be that person who can talk to another person randomly. I am too shy that way.
      The point of those T-shirts are for people who get them to have a chuckle or smirk and for those who don’t to get thinking on what they are not getting 😉

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      1. I wish I didn’t have anxiety flipping up over saying stuff like that, I even become that way when someone does it to me. Yep, long term plan right.

        I know. I kind of felt I out grew most of them, maybe because they were a bit kids like.

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        1. Good for you to have it in your long term plan. Can’t even think of it. I get nervous just doing that.
          I never had the choice of wearing something like that when i was younger, so I am making up for lost time 😬


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