It feels forever…

…since I penned something on my blog. I am on the half-term break but still, I have so much to do that I get stuck up on those activities and blogging takes a back seat. I have been having this sinus and allergies flare up for the past three weeks or so and this crazy weather is not helping me one bit. The only good thing is that since I have started having the homoeopathy medicines (something I have never tried so thought of giving it a shot) I am at least sleeping and that is the best I can expect as of now.

The one other consistent thing that I have been doing irrespective of how busy I am or not, is reading. Been reading the murder mysteries left, right and centre and watching our set of TV series  (detective series).

Thanks to Mr M we managed to watch all the CSK cricket matches and was very glad when they won this year’s IPL T20 ( he watched a few more and managed to keep track of each and every single match 😉 …yeah, he is crazy that way with respect to sports in general)

One thing that I fail to keep up is the latest news unless it is in the top 10 of the list, I haven’t been checking it at all. Keeping up with the kids in school is my top priority. Man, they do take up all your attention. Never a dull moment, I say. So many characters, so many stories, so much variety and so much to learn every day. I am enjoying it.

I am trying to keep up at least with my regular posts (Tuesday Tunes, Wordless Wednesday, WPC etc) and so far I have been successful and pray that I will find time to do those at least in the future.

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