What to do!?

I try not to post anything related to politics not because I don’t have an opinion, but because I do. Combined with the fact that I don’t know enough about the histories of various countries including mine (history never was my strong subject) and politics (don’t understand any of it either), I think the best thing for me to do is to keep quiet about it.

But once in a while, you are in a situation that is not about history or politics but more about humanity and that throws me for a loop too. Like now. I cannot imagine the speed with which the situation in Ukraine has escalated. There were news about it for a while (if I remember correctly since the beginning of the year) but to get into a war mode this fast was something I hadn’t anticipated. More so because I have a friend who is Ukrainian. She was there in her home town for Christmas (which they celebrate on the 6th of January every year) and she was so happy to be there with her family enjoying the holidays, especially after the relaxation of pandemic related rules. And now, she is disheartened, worried sick of her parents and doesn’t know what to do or how to help them. And I am sad that I don’t know how to help her in this situation. Interestingly, she was explaining to me the history of her country only a few weeks ago, especially the conflicts of 2014. And now this.

Her parents are still in Ukraine and she is finding it hard to concentrate on anything given the current scenario, but wanted to keep doing something to keep herself occupied otherwise she is afraid that her fear for her parents is going to bring her down and she won’t be able to cope. Obviously, as her team member and as a friend we are there for her and she does have a lot of support, but the support can only do so much, I feel. She messaged me the other day that she is grateful for all the support but can’t help but feel that people don’t really get it, that she is exhausted by it all and all she wants is for this to end so she can just get some sleep.

I am at a loss here and feel that there must surely be more to do to help my friend but don’t know what. I sincerely hope and wish that this conflict comes to an end sooner rather than later and there is some sensible solution to it all because I cannot help but think that if it isn’t resolved fully this time, there is a high possibility that history might repeat itself in the near future and possibly very soon too and that would be disastrous to not just people directly affected on the ground zero but also everyone else around the world.

3 thoughts on “What to do!?”

  1. I have a feeling that this conflict only feels fast developing for us. I fear Putin was planning this for years, however, he underestimated the fear other countries have of a re-emerging Russian Empire and how fast that unites many countries. And he underestimated the courage and will to fight of the Ukrainian people. Have you asked your friend what would help her? This way you might find a surprising answer. 😊

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    1. He def underestimated the strength of the Ukrainians and the support of the world. I kind of did ask her but she is at a stage where her emotions are very raw. I will def keep on top of her and check on her again may be. But that’s a good idea. Thank you ever so much.


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