Daily Prompt: Greatest Gift

What is the greatest gift someone could give you?

When I saw this prompt, my first thought was “Time” which sounds very cliched but is very accurate. My second thought was “why can’t it be diamonds 😉 > ” but I don’t like diamonds, so that is out of the question. It also got me thinking about what I would love to get as a gift other than time? I shuffled through my recent memories and realized that the “thoughtfulness” of someone reaching out to me even if they had significantly less time to do so was something I really appreciated.

We live in a very busy world and getting together when each of us has our own lives that come with their own trials and tribulations makes it very difficult to keep in touch. It is very ironic that the better the technology the harder sometimes it is to keep in touch and stay in touch. Also when we grow older and meet more people, our acquaintances and friends circle might grow, if not ours then that of our friends and family members. So when they reach out to you because they had a sudden thought about you makes it even more precious. I am glad that I am still in their thoughts from time to time and I will take it as the greatest gift for now.

Wordless Wednesday 

Tuesday Tunes – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company


I was thinking of doing a post on it (quirks) for sometime because of a discussion that came up during our lunch time one day. Glad I could use an excuse even though I haven’t written anything for a Daily Prompt for quite some time now. Here is my list.

My niece #1: She is a very cute looking and very typically girlish kid I have laid my eyes on (and I have known quite a lot of kids for past 5-6 years). We all read about how the women characters in the novel do this ‘roll my eyes’ thing like this rolling eyes, yes, she does it very very cutely. She is quite adorable when she becomes all frustrated if for some reason I cannot fathom what she is trying to tell me either about her story or something she learnt and she goes ahead does this ‘ufffff’+roll the eyes’+’shakes her head lightly’+pause, then tries the explanation again. What she doesn’t know yet is that I become all naive and stupid just to see her do it.

My nephew: A upcoming shy and yet a heart breaker (I have already warned you all future ladies, I will tell you all about this another day..there is an interesting story there) nonetheless. A typical boy with a penchant for all things that exudes speed and class, he does all things naughty and as soon as he sees his mother’s expression change a little bit, he goes all Simba on her.


My close friend #1: The way she tells the word ‘Oh My God’. I am a fan of it. Every time she says with a proper pause between each word like Oh…..My…..God, it  reminds me of the sine wave 😉 She gives a different meaning to the rendition of it.

My close friend #2: I always loved the way she used to look at my sofa cum bed whenever she used to come to my home, either if she was just tired or in need of some company. It was like she is looking at a piece of heaven and she is giving herself a few seconds to appreciate it and the moment she hits it, she goes all calm and zzzzzzz sleepy. I have never seen her sit vertically on it ever. Its always been horizontal, every.single.time 🙂 She has used my little cushion in that sofa more than I ever did.

My close friend #3: She always says any word twice… like if she wants to say ‘no’, she would say ‘no no’. Even her ‘hi’ is ‘hey hi hi’ 🙂 I don’t think she even realizes that she does it.

My close friend #4: The moment you say ‘hey , I am taking a photo, lookie here’, whatever he has been doing or talking, he would continue except freeze for that exact moment and look straight to the camera and give his dimpled smile, for that perfect click. I have made enough fun of him over this. But he just can’t resist. Its like a internal connection between him and the camera lens.

And finally mine : I have this habit of saying ‘hi good morning’ aloud and if possible ‘blow a kiss’ to the Sun (he is one of my close friend actually , if you can accept that 🙂 ), every time I get out in the morning. I really look at the Sun and say it and I have had a few stares because of that, but I just can’t control it. It has become an unconscious thing now.

Apart from posting it for the daily prompt, I thought I will add it for JustJoJan too.

Have a great day y’all.

To New Beginnings…


“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
― Carl Bard

After posting this, I saw today’s Daily prompt and it did coincide with the same 🙂 so I am tagging this post for today’s prompt (after quite some time): Dawn