I earned it

You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Mostly I would go and buy myself any chocolate, but nowadays I prefer to have my Bournville for a celebration. I have earned it, haven’t I :). I just love it.

Too lazy to pursue

This is one talent, which I would love to have, but am too lazy to pursue.

An embroidery on a churidhar


Daily Prompt: Greatness

To see Gandhi’s name in Guadalajara for a Book Shop, I was proud of it and it also shows his greatness

Gandhi in Guadalajara

All I tried to do was ‘Trek’…

And, Yes, I am glad that I did it. Nothing could have prevented me from trying that out. But why did I have to use a shoe small in size for my first trek. Now after a month of that incident (where my toe nails became blue and then black because of the pressure from the small sized shoe), I am just back from the hospital, having removed my toe nails, cleaned up the infection and a big bandage on the toe looking like they have removed the toe instead of the nail. And it pains from the inside like hell. And it did cost a LOT. So not fair :(. How am I going to rectify it? Well, I already did. By buying a proper shoe (even though it did cost me 3k) but at least it is a good one and has enough gap in it for my comfort. But will I do trekking again? Hell yeah but not the kind where they suffer for days or so. I am not sure I am fit for that kind. I like it mild.

Sorry for the rant. I am in pain and waiting for my medicine to be delivered and the daily prompt just gave the wrong (or right) prompt for today 😉

Daily Prompt: Service

Mushrooms served on a barbecue