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Do you like Meg Ryan or Michelle Pfeiffer? Are you crazy about them or their films? Do you want to see what other’s say about them, their characters and their movies? Paul at ‘Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies‘ is running a Blogathon this month which features reviews of their movies from a lot of other bloggers. Sadly, Paul’s domain is expiring this April (as I gather from his post) so he is planning to get this Blogathon done by this month. If you have any post which you want to feature there, do let Paul know. I have enjoyed reading the posts and while you are there, do make sure to check out Paul’s other posts on these two main ladies.

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Now that Oscars are nearing let me finish my views on a couple of movies, which I did see but never found time to write about them.

  • The H8ful Eight:  I am a fan of Quentin Tarantino and his choice of music for his films. So I was quite excited to watch this movie. First off, loved the music of this movie. Truly amazing. No doubt about it at all. With respect to the movie, it has three parts (as most of you all know already). I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it until it came to the second half of the 2nd part. Just because I was sure that there would be a definite twist later I did manage to put up with it. Could have been a bit shorter? But then when the twist happened, I was totally surprised. I try to not reveal any spoilers if I can help it, so I am not going into the story as such. But it was a pleasant surprise 😉 even though it didn’t last for long. Damn! In his movies, it is very important to concentrate on the dialogues to find any  giveaways from the characters which might help you unravel the mystery earlier. And this is no different. I liked the movie, not his best I should say, but that’s OK. I wasn’t expecting his best anyway. Music – top class. 
  • The Revenant: After hearing very good reviews about this movie, finally got around to watching it. It has Leonardo DiCaprio after all. The story is good, its about survival, revenge, grit, pain, loss etc…But for some reason, it did not kindle any emotion for me. I kept wondering why and I haven’t found the answer still. The art direction, the cinematography are all very good. And was glad about the ending too. But for such a movie, I thought it would make me feel the protagonist’s pain. Hell, I felt a sort of sympathy for Leo’s character in The Wolf of Wall Street and nothing in this. That’s a shame isn’t.
  • Joy: I watched this only for the sake of J-Law. And it was worth it. She was a dynamite. Loved her performance. But couldn’t actually accept her as an old woman at the end (oops, I guess that is a spoiler) Be it pain, happiness, frustration, confusion…she got to show a whole set of emotions in this movie and emerges as a strong person too. I guess most people will watch it just for her and she does stand out among the whole cast, which also includes Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Edgar Ramirez etc.

Wanna visit Gotham?

For the record, my favorite superhero is Batman. So I was so excited to see this advertisement. Even though it is for the promotion of the upcoming film (which I am not sure if I will be seeing it, but then who knows!) it is still so amazing. Come on, why not have a city with that name heh? It would be so cool. Imagine having a set built like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle, where you can go and see the city in its all glory. I am not sure if they already have one somewhere. But until then, enjoy the promotion 🙂

+1 for Mr Pool, Dead

Instead of making it over the weekend, we ended up watching it on a Friday afternoon (purely by accident, you know)….yay!!!! Yeah, yeah I am talking about Mr Pool, Dead, the one that triggered my rant post a day ago?

It was Awesome! It could have been better with those unmuted lines (can’t even lipread Mr Pool because of his mask….damn!) but looks like they got away with f*** word and honestly, they can’t do much with some of the visuals which are very detail, graphically 😉 Obviously, some of the very intimate scenes are totally cut. You see the couple getting all close and then suddenly they are standing together and trying their hand at a ball game. OK, now that that is out of the way, I should say the film is a hit right from the moment the magazine where Ryan Reynolds is shown as the sexiest man alive comes up 😛 I ain’t gonna spoil it for anyone who is gonna watch the movie by telling you if Hugh Jackman does a surprise cameo or not. You have to watch it for yourself 😉 There is no dearth of laughter, puns, humor, cheeky lines or even gory action sequences. Will definitely have to watch the uncensored version later to know what was cut from this movie. The hip hop songs made me wanna groove to the music in my chair and thankfully the audience was mostly comprised of college kids and hence me shouting and clapping and whooping wasn’t exclusive.

Long story short, I just loved the movie 🙂 Definitely a hit. I did have my reservations about it even before the first trailer came out. Wasn’t sure about seeing Ryan Reynolds in such an action packed movie, but man, he was amazing. And do wait until all the credits are done, yeah? We were only a select few in the theater to watch the final few scenes after the credits.

SoCS: Rant about Resurgence

I really wasn’t going to rant about this, but then Linda gave me an opening and I couldn’t resist. I think you would all remember the movie Independence Day. It wasn’t a great movie, but it was a fun. Fun in a way where there were less number of movies at that time about aliens attacking us and us fighting them and winning the same. Its been 10 years since I think. And after innumerable movies where we have seen the same aliens, even though the shape, size and cruelty of each of them varied, attack our beloved Earth and us scrambling for heroes, sometimes one and other times many, who would save our planet restoring the faith in humanity and our ability to get together as one when in need. When I went to the movie Point Break (a very average movie, except for some amazing stunts), I saw the trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). If in case you have missed the trailer, here it is for you.

I am all for movies promoting humanity and all the stuff, trust me I watch enough emotional drama based movies, but this alien thing is getting really very boring. If we are investing so much studying about Mars, Moon etc and want to use them for our own use then shouldn’t we be bothered about it if some alien attacks those planets too? Don’t get me started on poor Pluto. I am still not sure if it is in or out. I have never been a big fan of alien based movies. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch them, but limit myself to ones that have enough masala in it (in other words, which are the commercial entertainer). Its gonna be the same story with respect to Independence Day isn’t. Except that the villain got a lot bigger and hence the production value. I am gonna skip this movie for sure, not even if I am really really bored. The trailer itself is more than enough for me. Why is this movie resurged after 10 years? Don’t they have enough good scripts? Well, I know I am not spending my money on this one.

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