WPC: Glow

It has been a while since I played around with a photograph. Since my half-term school break started today, I thought I will use the free time to edit an old photograph from Fort Bragg, USA and make it eerier (all those talks of Halloween costume party in School has got to me, I guess) I loved this small Country Inn B & B where I stayed. It was so cute. I took a photo of it at night when it was glowing.ย With this edited version, I feel like it looks spookier and can be a character on its own just like a monster house even though it is far from it. (just imagine the two windows on the top floor as the eyes and the main entrance as the mouth…) Don’t you think so?glow2.JPG

I would definitely stay in this place again if I get a chance to visit this lovely town again.



Wordless Wednesday

WPC : Scale

Incidentally, the world is magical.
Magic is simply what’s off our human scale… at the moment.

Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Wordless Wednesday

WPC: Pedestrian ๐Ÿšถ

The best way to explore and enjoy a place is by being a pedestrian.