WPC: Elemental

For this week’s photography challenge, Elemental, here is a photograph of Cliffs of Moher and nature at its best element 😉

Throwback Thursday

I had this diary (was kind of empty) with me and I have started to use it for jotting down a few things recently. What I forgot was this list which Mr M found while we were packing some stuff and he was wondering if we needed this diary at all. I don’t remember writing this list but I think this must have been written between 2011-2012 sometime. 2009 Dec was my Singapore trip and 2010 October was my Canyon trip. Those two were ticked.

2013 was the year when I did my Swiss and Venice tour and 2015 was the Cambodia trip. Another three off the list. Time has flown by and I have managed to complete those places without realising that I was checking off from my short bucket list. Ironically though, the remaining items are in India. One would have thought that I would have completed them first.

I am not a nostalgic person but this blast from the past was a pleasant surprise.

WPC: Textures

The Texture is one of the most fundamental elements of three-dimensional art. It is an element that needs to be carefully considered by sculptors. The texture is related to the material used–marble, wood, clay, bronze, brass, iron. steel, or plaster, for example– as well as the process: casting, carving, construction, or welding. In addition to the material and the process, the final surface treatment offers even more textural possibilities.

Here are a few photographs showing various textures.












the peculiar air of Oxford

“… —the air of liberty to care for the things of the mind assured and secured by machinery which is in itself a satisfaction to sense.”- Henry James, English Hours


Balliol College Dining Hall


Hertford College Bridge


Radcliffe Camera


Brasenose College



Ashmolean Museum

PS: Photographs from our recent one day trip to Oxford. Sadly we couldn’t cover as much as we had originally planned due to rain, but there is always a next time 😉 This place is definitely worth a visit again and in leisure.

WPC: Satisfaction

I derive great satisfaction from being in a room full of books. I might not read all of them, but their mere existence brings me calm.



Not my living room, sadly, but a living room of a Bishop at Fulham Palace 


Wish my college library was as funky and cool (with a cafe) as this new Library at Oxford. We couldn’t visit the old Library because of the Graduation Ceremony.